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But nearly nine years later, she insists she doesn’t know how the last hours of Caylee’s life unfolded. And would be a total badass,” she told The Associated Press in one of a series of exclusive interviews. But discussing Caylee’s last moments, the year-old Anthony spoke in halting, sober tones: “I’m still not even certain as I stand here today about what happened,” she said. I understand why people have the opinions that they do. This was the first time Anthony spoke to a news media outlet about her daughter’s death or her years since the trial. Her responses were at turns revealing, bizarre and often contradictory, and they ultimately raised more questions than answers about the case that has captivated the nation. It’s been almost nine years since Caylee disappeared, and six since the circus-like Orlando trial that ended in her mother’s acquittal. The trial was carried live on cable networks and was the focus of daily commentaries by HLN’s Nancy Grace, who called her “the most hated mom in America,” and, derisively, “tot mom.

Casey Anthony fattening up as she prepares to leave country

She was acting normally the day before her arrest in the murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, he says. An ex-boyfriend of a central Florida mother accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter has testified at her murder trial that she was acting normal when she picked him and his friends up from the airport just a day before she was arrested. He also testified Thursday she and daughter Caylee regularly stayed over his apartment during that same time period.

He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison last year in the killing of Odin Lloyd, a man who was dating the sister of Hernandez’s.

The arrest and trial of Casey Anthony, accused and acquitted of killing her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, captured the nation for years as a bombshell national news story. Over the past week, an explosive interview Anthony gave to the Associated Press has reignited interest in the case. A jury acquitted Anthony in the murder of her daughter after more than 10 hours of deliberation in But the thenyear-old was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of giving false information to a law enforcement officer.

Prosecutors argued Anthony , who didn’t report her daughter missing for a month, suffocated her by wrapping duct tape around her head. They said she kept the body in the car until dumping it in the woods near her Florida home. Anthony’s defense team said the girl drowned in an above-ground swimming pool and the girl’s grandparents tried to cover it up.

The defense also said Anthony was abused by her father and brother. Casey Anthony breaks her silence about her daughter’s death. She works for him “doing online social media searches and other investigative work,” the AP reported. In her interview with the Associated Press , the first time she’s spoken publicly about her daughter’s death since the trial, Anthony said there are “a lot of parallels” to her and O.

The mother spoke in glowing terms of what her daughter would have been like had she not died. And would be a total badass,” she told the AP.

Casey Anthony on date with boyfriend who ‘doesn’t care’ about her past

More than five years after a jury in Florida cleared Casey Anthony in the murder of her two-year-old daughter, Caylee, a private investigator claimed the mom’s attorney admitted she killed the girl and hid her body. Dominic Casey made the claim in court documents that went public last month in Casey Anthony’s bankruptcy case. He also suggested that the mom paid her lawyer with sex. The investigator claimed attorney Jose Baez hired him days after police arrested the mom in July He said, “Baez had told me that Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped the body somewhere and, he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did.

Meter reader Roy Kronk found the girl’s body in the woods near her grandparents’ home that December.

Casey Anthony Is Dating a Man 7 Years After Murder Acquittal ‘Who Can Overlook Her Past’: Source. The former child murder defendant has.

The judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial is running for the Orange-Osceola state attorney, according to filings with the state. A federal appeals court has sided with Casey Anthony over a lawsuit filed against her by a former Orange County meter reader. Former Judge Belvin Perry is running for Orange-Osceola state attorney seat The judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial is running for the Orange-Osceola state attorney, according to filings with the state.

Doctor’s lawyer: Murder case simple, about end-of-life care. Casey Anthony scores another legal victory in defamation lawsuit A federal appeals court has sided with Casey Anthony over a lawsuit filed against her by a former Orange County meter reader. Amid doc’s murder case, lawsuits reflect battle over blame. Sign to Casey Anthony: Will you marry me? Casey Anthony plans to make movie based on her life, report says.

Founder of Orlando nonprofit used in search for Caylee Anthony accused of extortion. Casey Anthony ‘open’ to having more children, report says.

Jodi Arias Draws Comparisons to Casey Anthony, Scott Peterson

Now, the bankruptcy judge has ruled that Anthony will not have to pay most of her debts. The order was signed Tuesday by Judge K. Court papers list Anthony, who has been in hiding since , as unemployed and having no recent income.

The judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial is running for the Orange-Osceola state attorney, according to filings with the state. Casey Anthony civil trial moved to Casey Anthony civil trial on track for April start date.

The former child murder defendant has been seeing a new man for about three months. The Florida woman, who was famously acquitted of murder in in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee , mostly lives a low-key, uneventful life in the South Florida home of one of the private investigators who worked on her case. But one particular guy has caught her attention, the source says: a man in his early 30s who works a professional job. They have been seeing each other for about three months.

She was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges on July 5, — but convicted of four counts of lying to police. Click here to get breaking crime news, ongoing trial coverage and details of intriguing unsolved cases in the True Crime Newsletter. He sees what she could be.

Death of Caylee Anthony

Anthony, charged with first-degree murder in the death of her daughter Caylee, was acquitted in July She was convicted of four charges of lying to law enforcement, which she was appealing in the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach. Prosecutors had originally charged Anthony with telling four separate lies to police, including that she left her daughter with a babysitter and that she had received a phone call from her missing daughter.

The appeals court ruled that those weren’t four separate lies as prosecutors believed, but they were not one single continuous lie either, as the defense argued. The first time Anthony lied was when she was being interviewed by detectives at her parents’ home the day her daughter was reported missing.

Casey Anthony talks about her daughter’s death. case in which she has been embroiled since “During the course of my bankruptcy, the.

Arias, 32, eventually admitted that she killed her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander , but insists it was in self defense because he was an abusive and sexually deviant lover. Anthony, now 25, insisted her daughter Caylee had been stolen by a nanny and didn’t drop that story until the first day of her murder trial when she said the toddler drowned in a backyard pool.

Anthony said she had become accustomed to lying to hide alleged sexual abuse by her father for much of her life. Both women lied about their jobs, sought out sex immediately after the deaths, and even had similar hair styles. Anthony was found innocent by a jury in , while Arias is still on trial and could face the death penalty if found guilty. Nancy Grace, a legal analyst for ABC News, says the Arias trial is also similar to Scott Peterson’s murder of his wife Laci, who was eight months pregnant when she was killed in Peterson was having an affair with a masseuse at the time of his wife’s death.

She was dancing in a push-up bra and go-go boots while her daughter’s body was rotting. She’s going from one man’s arms to another man’s arms.

Casey Anthony’s lawyer admits she killed daughter Caylee, investigator says

Anthony was accused of killing her two-year-old daughter in June 16, — Caylee is reportedly seen alive for the last time. July 16, — Anthony is arrested for child neglect. She tells police her daughter vanished after she left her with a babysitter named Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez, who has also disappeared. October 14, — A grand jury indicts Anthony on capital murder and other charges.

Casey Anthony knows that much of the world believes she killed her has been embroiled since “During the course of my bankruptcy.

Ten years ago, on December 11, , the remains of a little brown-haired girl, Caylee Anthony, were found inside a trash bag in a wooded area in Orlando, Florida. The child, who was last seen alive in June of that year and reported missing in July, would have turned 3 years old that August had she lived. She served a short time in jail on related misdemeanor counts and then was released.

Still, years later, interest in her life remains high. What is Casey doing now? Casey, 32, lives in South Florida in the home of Patrick McKenna , a private detective who was the lead investigator on her defense team. She works for him as a researcher. According to People magazine, she is dating and could be considering having another child. Is she still in touch with her parents? Recent reports indicate that Casey is occasionally in contact with her mother, Cindy, but not with her father, George.

In November , George was seriously injured in a car crash in Florida, and Casey reportedly had no plans to contact him. However, in a January TV interview, George revealed Casey had, in fact, reached out to him following his accident to see how he was. Are her old friends in contact with her? As far as former roommate Cameron Campana, 31, is aware, none of the people who lived with Casey before Caylee went missing still speak to her.